and since then nothing more happened

Guenon, Schuon 1938 zoom
1938 Каир, долгая болезнь, слева Шуон, в изголовье мб Whithall Perry или Burckhardt... Спал Генон на полу всегда (и здоровым). Из его письма Эволе 28.03.1948:
"It's certain, neither impossible, that 'something' could have took advantage to act against you; but less certain it's from where …it started and why. By the way what you're telling me, reminds me something which happened to myself back in 1939, when I was forced to bed for six months, totally unable to move. Everybody agrees that it was a rheumatic attack, while we knew that was something different, and we knew as well who, uncounsciously, acted as a vehicle for an evil influence (it was the second time it happened, but previously it was lighter). Precautionary measures were taken to send him away so that he couldn't come back to Egypt, and since then nothing more happened".

прислали др. фрагмент - из ст. Седгвика "How Traditional Are the Traditionalists?":
Lings suggests that Guénon's secluded lifestyle in Cairo - extending to a refusal to give his actual address even to regular correspondents - was the result of fear of attack by magic by certain Europeans. These included, according to a slightly dubious source, Téder / Charles Detré, an enemy of his from the days of the Ordre du temple. In a letter to Evola in 1948, Guénon wrote that an 'attack of rheumatism' in 1939 had been caused by 'une influence maléfique,' and disagreed with Evola, who had evidently said that such things could not hurt those who have spiritual stature. Guénon pointed out that the Prophet himself was made ill by sorcerers.