My name is Maxim Trefan. I am a composer and pianist from Moscow. From the age of six I started to study piano playing with the most famous children’s teacher in Russia - A.D. Artobolevskaya. Later I studied in The Gnessins’ Academy of Music in prof. Boshniakovich’s (piano) and prof. Larin’s (composition) classes.

Between 1987-1993 I played new wave in Nikolay Kopernik, world music in Alliance (our cd "Made in White" got nomination as the best Europe’s World Music album at MIDEM-93 in France) and trash metal in Korrozia Metalla. Between 1989 and 1999 I was full-time keyboard player in Vezhlivy Otkaz (Polite Refusal). This group performed withUB40, Mister Gang, Lindsey Cooper, Orthotonics, Fred Frith (Keep the Dog), Tim Hodgkinson, Peter Hammill, Ustad Fateh Ali Khan и Misty in Roots. As well I took part in recording sessions of Tribunal (by Natalia Medvedeva), Splin, Matrosskaya Tishina, Deviat. As a composer I took part in Alternatva Festivals (Moscow). In 1994 and 1995 I performed there for the first time my vocal cycles after the verses by Julius Evola and S. Grazhdankin. Between 2011 and 2015 I took part in Vladimir Martynov Festival. Survived serious traffic crash at the end of 1999 I left the scene and didn’t make any performances. My interests of that period mostly were connected with history of Ismailism and different doctrines in philosophy. That same period I got certification by Russian State Federal Stock Commission. Since the middle of 2000s I returned as a piano player and took part in some Vezhlivy Otkaz performances and with sax player Sergey Letov.

I composed music for some films, pieces for piano, cello, double-bass, alto, bassoon and domra. For workshops “Analogy and Identity” and “Rome‘s mission”, as well as for conferences “Orient & Occident – Challenge and Answer” (Yekaterinburg, Ural’s Federal University, 2013), “Georgy Gachev’s Artistic Legacy” (Moscow, World Literature Institute, 2014) I made some presentations about post-modernism, Tchaikovsky, Scriabin.

On this website you can listen to my music & watch videos of concerts, as well as to get acquainted with some of my favorite performances of classical music, a variety of texts that match my interests, listen to audio documents & the voices of historical personages, and every day to get acquainted with the section "this day in history" (+ "this day in literature and music"), in which all dates have been carefully checked.