фа как пирамида

The cosmic Fa has the form of a pyramid (“Zhen-Shan-Ren is the Sole Criterion to Discern Good and Bad People” in Chapter One of Zhuan Falun). Could it be that the old forces have used their old science to separate and to cut off the top of the “Fa”-Pyramid, the highest manifestation of Zhen-Shan-Ren from the base (in other the real space times and dimensions? (http://www.greatseal.com). Mr. Li has mentioned several times, that the old forces have their own target in the Fa-rectification.

The connection between the “Great seal” and the Maya calendar in Jue Min’s article “A Prophecy of the Mayan Calendar: Human Beings Will Enter a Brand-new Civilization in 2012” could be right. Master Li has explained about the Maya: “Many people say that the Mayan culture is related to the present day Mexicans. Actually it has nothing to do at all with the Mexicans, who are only a race of mixed blood from the Spaniards and the aborigines. Whereas, the Mayan culture belongs to the previous historical period of human civilization. That human race was destroyed in Mexico, and only a small number of people fled. However, the Mayan culture is directly related to the Mongolians . . . . .”
* Like Eschenbach’s stone the Chintamani Stone is, apparently, also green in color, since Roerich is on record as also stating that the Chintamani Stone is similar in appearance to a species of meteorite known as Moldavite, which is dark green in color.
* Первый игровой фильм Херцога, Знаки жизни, получил в 1968 Серебряного медведя в Берлине.