across the universe

в стане певичек - государственные изменения: только Бруни стала женой президента, как и сайт дочки Каримова (недавно давал ссылку) закрылся: теперь она зам. министра иностранных дел. 1989 г. - окончила школу №71 Ташкента.
..вышла книга, которую давно уже перевёл один из наиболее эрудированных русских шиитов - : Имам Али. Путь красноречия.М. Восточная литература. 2007г.
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Первый полный перевод на рус. яз. книги, которая по своему значению в мусульманском мире уступает только Священному Корану

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Nasa will broadcast the song, Across the Universe, through the transmitters of its deep space communications network on Monday - the 40th anniversary of its recording. Now the song is to be beamed into the galaxy in an attempt to introduce the Fab Four's music to alien ears. The music sent on a 431 light year-journey towards Polaris, the North Star.

* UPD washingtonpost:Iran Opens Space Center, Launches Rocket

* independent: Letters cast new light on misunderstood poet Ezra Pound

* Впервые в истории духовное управление мусульман возглавил этнический русский - Алий (Сергей Михайлович) Ефтеев, избранный и. о. муфтия Сев. Осетии.
* Germany's federal police plan to use Trojan horse malware to conduct surreptitious searches of targeted computers, including Skype communication and encrypted SSL traffic.

* Согласно новой редакции закона, использование «очевидно нелегальных» ссылок в интернете является наказуемым.
* cadeveo: When a pop god/dess is sacrificed to the masses, theyare fed the energies of that image upon which they have thrown their hopes, dreams, time and energy. Simultaneously, through feeding them in this way, a massive amount of psychic energy is released via the catharsis of millions of enthralled consumers. This energy is unwittingly fed back into the Spectacle and harnessed to the next elected sacrifice, as well as, I’d suggest, for the furtherance of other goals…

Christopher Hyatt: “I once did a post-doctorate in criminal justice… and the class was full of police chiefs from all over the world, and lawyers and all kinds of lunatics. And, as being one of the lunatics, the professor asked the class…to write a paper on Universal Law…I came up with one law: Obey. Four-letter word: that is the universal law: Obey.